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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11 days to go

I'm getting antsy now that we're official.

Bring on the challenges, the countdown is officiall ON!

T-Minus 11 days and counting.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Team #84!!

It is now officially official. The Orchard Angels received confirmation from NDSIB we are...

Team #84


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let me introduce myself to you....

this is who I am. No more, no less. Sorry, got caught up in a Casting Crowns song. Or is it Mercy Me? I can't remember. Anyway....

I am Helen. I am half of the team, The Orchard Angels. I was so excited when Trina agreed to partner with me in ADSR5. As she said in her post, we met in the Scrap Orchard forums and worked as creative team members together for Jennifer Fox Designs when I guested there in December '09. This is my first go with The Amazing Digital Scrapbooking Race. I competed last year in Battle Of The Creative Teams so I am looking forward to this new race!!

A little about me. I am single and do not have any children other than my 6 year old Papillon named, MOLLY! She does not realize she is a D-O-G. She believes she is a princess who demands to be doted upon accordingly.

Scrapbooking has been a passion of mine for nearly 8 years, however, I only opened the door to DIGI two years ago. I kept my overflowing scrapbook room in tact for a year and a half before finally packing it all up to give away or sell. Seeing that I am 100% addicted to digital there is just no sense in keeping all the traditional goodies. I am a creative team member for Brandy Designs at Polka Dot Plum. Someday I hope to also CT for Scrap Orchard or ANY of the designers there. {sigh}

If you preview MY GALLERY you will find the majority of my inspiration comes from two little boys named Caiden & Trevor. They are my nephews (cousins to each other) who were born 7 weeks apart in 2008. Yes, they keep me well supplied in photos to scrap!

Other things I love (in no certain order) are Starbucks & my Keurig coffee maker, my electric blanket, Saturday morning sleep in time, Jesus, a clean house (though mine rarely is), & money left over after the bills are paid (ha, that doesn't happen often either). Things that bug me are slow computers, rude drivers, when I forget something at the store and have to go back, selfish people, & politics!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Welcome to our little corner of the world! This is the blog for Trina & Helen, racing in the Amazing Digi Scrap Race (ADSR) 5! This is where we will post all our layouts for the challenges and talk about everything relating to the race!

We named ourselves the Orchard Angels because we met at Scrap Orchard in the forum there. And Angels because we fancy ourselves Hawt like Charlie's Angels (just kidding - we just liked the sound of it!). We have also been on a Creative Team together, when Helen was a guest CT member for Jennifer Fox in December.

I'll introduce myself and let Helen introduce herself in a different post! I'm Trina, digiscrapper for 6 years now and this is my first time running the ADSR! You may know me as slurpeegirl13, pretty much everywhere in the virtual world. I am married to a wonderful man named Mark and mommy to an almost-2-year-old named Kaitlyn. She is the subject of 90% of my scrap layouts (because she's so adorable!). I am on a few CT's: Scrap Orchard, Amanda Heimann Designs, Elegant Wordart by Bethany, Jennifer Fox Designs & Monalisasmiles. I am also a staffer for Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. When I'm not scrapbooking (which isn't often!) I love to read, especially Twilight and Harry Potter type books, as well as JD Robb books. I love spending time with my family and friends and taking LOTS of pictures! My personal digi-scrap blog is here.

So in a nutshell that's Trina! Helen should be by shortly to tell you all about herself. Join us here to hear about our exploits as we travel around the digi-scrap world in an attempt to win the Amazing Digi-Scrap Race!